Sports events for the Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital

Sports events for the Sophia Children's Hospital!
If you want to contribute to the Sophia Children's Hospital in a sporty way, you can do that at different events and with various sports.

At the moment we have Cycling (indoor spinning marathon, next edition 2 and 3 March 2024), Running (Thursday 18 May) and Swimming for Sophia.

Whatever sport you participate in, we are very thankful for that. We are happy with all the sporty, enthusiastic actions and participations and are proud to see all participants who do their best for the patients in the Sophia Children's Hospital

Do you want to participate? Register now for an event or donate to an action!


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Cycle for children with an immune disease Cycling for Sophia will take place on the weekend of March 2 and 3, 2024. The cycling marathon for the Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital. During the weekend you can cycle individually or in a team in a block of your choice, with the aim of collecting as many donations as possible for charity. Are you cycling too? Apply now! Major impact on lifeThis edition we cycle for children with an immune disease. Having an immune disease limits many children from daily activities such as sports and going to school. In addition, living with such a chronic illness can cause anxiety, depression or even behavioral problems due to the challenges the disease brings. Frequent and long-term use of medication can also cause side effects. Having an immune disease brings a lot of uncertainty because the course can be very unpredictable and accompanied by peaks and valleys. This makes it very difficult to plan daily life. What is an immune disease?A healthy body has good protection mechanisms against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. We also call this our immune system. If parts of this system do not work properly, this can lead to an immune disease. Your immune system also attacks the healthy cells in your body and this makes you sick. There are many different immune diseases. Examples include: chronic intestinal inflammation, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease (hypersensitivity to gluten), juvenile rheumatism, sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis, an intestinal disorder that mainly occurs in premature children. Making the correct diagnosis and finding the best treatment can take a long time. The solution is near!A new technique has recently been developed that makes it possible to determine the body's response to a particular drug by examining 96 proteins in one drop of blood. The technology in this so-called 'protein analysis device' is very sensitive, precise and fast. The Sophia Children's Hospital wishes to purchase this device itself. The first children's hospital in the Netherlands! A better future for children with an immune diseaseWith the innovative protein analysis device, researchers at the Sophia Children's Hospital can better predict which medicine works for which patient and what the course of the immune disease will be. This way they can really help the child and his/her environment and offer more security for the future. The technique can also be used with the smallest babies, because only one small drop of blood is needed. Once the researchers have the device at their disposal, they can start immediately. More research can also be done into the effects of this technique and its potential for other conditions, so that it can hopefully provide a solution for as many sick children as possible in the future. We desperately need your support to purchase this new device. Will you also help? Register for Cycling for Sophia 2024!
Cycling for Sophia 2 & 3 March 2024

Inschrijving open: Rennen voor Sophia!

09-02-2024 | 11:15


Hardloop liefhebbers opgelet! 

De tweede editie van Rennen voor Sophia op donderdag 9 mei staat voor de deur! Na een geslaagde eerste editie van vorig jaar, rennen wij ook dit jaar voor het Erasmus MC Sophia Kinderziekenhuis.

Op donderdagochtend 9 mei - Hemelvaartsdag - organiseren wij in samenwerking met atletiekvereniging PAC Rotterdam en hoofdsponsor Runnersworld: Rennen voor Sophia. Hét hardloopevenement door het prachtige Kralingse bos waar jij je met je hele gezin kan inzetten voor het Sophia. Iedereen kan meedoen! Er zijn verschillende afstanden: de Kinderkilometer, de 3 km familieloop en de 5 & 10 km.

Inschrijven is vanaf nu mogelijk! Doe jij ook mee?

"Sport verbindt en verbroedert!" - Mitchel Viljeer (Rotterdamse Glimlach), Rennen voor Sophia 2023

Rennen voor onderzoek naar plotse hartstilstand bij kinderen

Dit jaar rennen we voor kinderen met een plotse hartsilstand. Plotse hartstilstand is de oorzaak van 10% van de overlijdens op kinderleeftijd in Nederland. En zelfs als de kinderen de reanimatie overleven, houden ze er vaak blijvende schade aan over, die hun toekomst beperkt. De oorzaak van plotse hartstilstand is vaak een levensbedreigende hartritmestoornis. Als het risico op levensbedreigende hartritmestoornissen eerder wordt herkend, kunnen deze kinderen sneller behandeld worden. Dat kan plotse hartdood voorkomen.

Maar hoe herkennen we een risico op levensbedreigende hartritmestoornissen? En hoe behandelen we deze hartritmestoornissen om de plotse hartstilstand te voorkomen? Deze vragen proberen we met onderzoek te beantwoorden. Voor onderzoek is veel geld nodig. Daarom rennen wij op 9 mei voor deze groep kinderen.

Inschrijven via de website

Inschrijven voor Rennen voor Sophia kan vanaf nu via de website. Schrijf je individueel of samen met het gezin, vrienden of collega's in en start Hemelvaartsdag op een sportieve wijze met jouw deelname aan Rennen voor Sophia. Heb je vragen? Neem dan contact met ons op via We helpen je graag!


De Kinderkilometer: 10:00 uur De Familieloop 3 kilometer: 10:15 uur De 5 Kilometer: 11:15 uur De 10 Kilometer: 11:00 uur


Langepad 16, 3062 CJ Rotterdam (bij de ingang van het Kralingse Bos).

We hopen je te ontmoeten op donderdagochtend 9 mei bij atletiekvereniging PAC! Graag tot dan!


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