Our goal for 2017

More air for children with disorders of the upper respiratory airways

The Erasmus MC – Sophie Children’s Hospital take care of children with upper respiratory airway disorders for which they need to be operated, so that they can breathe independently once again.

Sadly, the upper airway often remains too narrow or weak for many of these children. This often severely inhibits their functioning in daily life.

Each breath requires effort; day after day, year after year. A consequence is that they often cannot join their peers in fun and games without becoming short of breath, and that they are often ill. This has to improve! With research, the treatment will be improved, thereby avoiding lifelong breathlessness.

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Er wordt gefietst in blokken van 3 uur. Het inschrijfgeld bedraagt € 15 per persoon en dit betaal je direct bij inschrijving op deze website. Naast het inschrijfgeld vragen we je om minimaal € 50 sponsorgeld bij elkaar te brengen. Meer ophalen mag, graag zelfs! Als je een topsponsor van € 1.500 of meer vindt, krijgt deze het prachtige verbronsde beeldje van Sophietje. Locatie: Topsportcentrum RotterdamVan Zandvlietplein 203077 AA ROTTERDAM  
Fietsen voor Sophia: 11 en 12 februari 2017

Sporten voor Sophia 2016 was a great success

16-06-2016 | 12:31   In February 2017, we will be commencing with what is already the 26th edition of Sporten voor Sophia (Sport for Sophia). It is our hope that many athletes, gyms and companies will be signing up to compete with each other for the Sophia Children’s Hospital. Sport for Sophia is organised by Stichting Vrienden van het Sophia (Friends of the Sophia Foundation). The Sophia Children’s Hospital The Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam is the oldest and largest children’s hospital in the Netherlands. Day and night, a team of over 1,600 passionate, involved and enthusiastic employees provide children and their parents with state-of-the-art healthcare. Because Sophia has all the necessary components – paediatrics and paediatric surgery closely work together with paediatric psychiatry and psychology departments – it is possible to offer a complete healthcare package to both children and their parents. Friends of the Sophia Foundation Children shouldn’t be sick, but sadly, the reality differs. This is why the Friends of the Sophia Foundation does its utmost to make the stay of young patients and their families in the hospital as pleasant as possible. In addition, the foundation is committed to financing scientific investigation in order to discover the causes of illnesses and improve the treatment methods. Your support is vital You can support our young patients and the scientific research by making a one-time donation, or by becoming a friend of the Sophia Foundation. We guarantee that your gift will be spent entirely on projects in the Sophia Children’s Hospital. The fundraising costs are paid by the Sophia Children’s Hospital Foundation. Thanks to the many generous gifts from the Friends of the Sophia, scientific research has been provided with an additional boost and many of the wishes on Sophia Children’s Hospital’s wish list have been fulfilled. Together, we can make the difference! Are you curious about which projects are still on the Sophia Children’s Hospital’s wish list? Read more about the projects at www.vriendensophia.nl
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