Support the Sophia Mother and Child Center in 2021

Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital
The Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital provides care for children with rare and complex disorders. The Sophia is part of the Erasmus Medical Center and is affiliated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The hospital is the largest of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands. The Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital is founded more than 150 years ago, we offer the entire spectrum of specialisms in the field of pediatric medicine, surgery, and psychiatry. The knowledge of all the disciplines involved in Sophia Children’s Hospital is bundled into four focus areas: The Paediatric Chest Centre, The Paediatric Brain Centre, The Centre for Rare Diseases and The Mother and Child Centre.

The government and health insurers make an important contribution to the financing of medical treatments. However, additional resources are needed for an optimal well-being of patients, research into causes of diseases and new treatment methods, education and relaxation. The Friends of the Sophia Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Vrienden van het Sophia) is the fundraising foundation to raise money for the just called subjects.

Mother and Child Center
In the Mother and Child Center the doctors can often examine the child very early in the pregnancy with the latest, advanced imaging techniques. Which is unique worldwide. Their ambition is to examine and treat sick children already in the womb. Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital has the largest neonatology department in Western Europe. Please find below three current projects of the Mother and Child Centre.

You can support the Sophia Mother and Child Center by participating in (one of) our sporting events. Will you join us?

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 Saturday 19th  and 20th of  March 2022 we will be cycle again for the Erasmus Mc Sophia Children's Hospital
Cycling for Erasmus Mc Sophia 2022

Inschrijving voor Sporten voor Sophia 2022 geopend

18-10-2021 | 19:28

De volgende editie van Sporten voor Sophia vindt plaats op zaterdag 19 maart en zondag 20 maart. Wij hopen jou ook de komende editie weer samen met veel andere sporters te mogen verwelkomen voor een gezellig weekend en een ontzettend mooi doel: het Kinderthoraxcentrum. 

Dit centrum in het Erasmus MC Sophia Kinderziekenhuis is er voor kinderen met aandoeningen aan het hart, de longen en de luchtwegen. Het team van het Kinderthoraxcentrum heeft een grote droom: de realisatie van het ‘So Fit & fun Centrum’. Een prachtig initiatief dat we graag samen met jou willen gaan realiseren! Schrijf je nu in voor Sporten voor Sophia 2022!   Ga naar:
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