Cycling for Sophia

Nina Boender

( - Zaterdag 18 september 2021 blok 1 09.00 - 11.30 uur | Member of team: Life Fitness Cycling Team )

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Hi All, 

This year we are, once again, dedicated to Spin for Sophia! This means that I, together with the Life Fitness Cycling team, will cycle an entire morning to gather donations for the Sophia Mother & Child center. Please see below for more information on what they do.

It would be great if you could support me and the Life Fitness Cycling team by donating! Thanks in advance :) 

The Sophia Children’s Hospital

The Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam is the oldest and largest children’s hospital in the Netherlands. Day and night, a team of over 1,600 passionate, involved and enthusiastic employees provide children and their parents with state-of-the-art healthcare. Because Sophia has all the necessary components – paediatrics and paediatric surgery closely work together with paediatric psychiatry and psychology departments – it is possible to offer a complete healthcare package to both children and their parents.

Children shouldn’t be sick, but sadly, the reality differs. This is why the Friends of the Sophia Foundation does its utmost to make the stay of young patients and their families in the hospital as pleasant as possible. In addition, the foundation is committed to financing scientific investigation in order to discover the causes of illnesses and improve the treatment methods.


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