Run for Sophia - Ascension Day 18 May

Target reached

In collaboration with athletics association PAC from Rotterdam, we are organizing Run for Sophia on Thursday 18 May (Ascension Day), a running event aimed at the whole family for the Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital. You can register for the Children's Kilometer, the Family Run of 3 kilometers or the 5 & 10 kilometers through the Kralingse Bos.

The Children's Kilometer: starts at 10:00 am
The Family Run 3 kilometers (from 10 years): starts at 10:15 am
The 5 Kilometer (from 14 years old): starts at 11:15 am
The 10 Kilometers (from 14 years): start at 11:00 am

The registration fee is:
The Children's Kilometer: € 5,-
The Family Run: €7.50
The 5 and 10 km: € 12.50

In addition to the registration fee, we ask for a minimum of € 10 per participant in collected donations. You will receive your own action page after registering so that you can easily collect these donations.

If you meet this minimum € 10 in donations, you will receive a nice memory pin after the run.
If you collect more than € 50, you will receive a pair of exclusive Heart Laces (worth € 6.95) from us. Good luck!

The registration fee and donations all benefit the Vrienden van het Sophia Foundation.

With this running event we raise money for a child-friendly emergency room (ER)

A visit to the emergency room will never be fun, especially for children. But it doesn't have to be a traumatic experience either. Children who need acute care come to the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E). Paediatricians, emergency physicians and other pediatric specialists provide this emergency care for the entire region of Rotterdam/Southwest Netherlands. This concerns about 8,000 children per year.

For many patients, a visit to the ER is the first contact with the hospital. The moment is often unexpected and research by the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry shows that a large proportion of children are traumatized after a visit to the Emergency Department. A major and urgent wish is therefore to improve the experience at the emergency department for parents and children in a broad sense. To ensure that children and their parents experience as little fear, pain and stress as possible during and after the visit.

The approach, but also the waiting and treatment room plays a major role in this. In collaboration with Philips, a plan has been made to combine the most recent insights into medical (child) psychology with medical architecture and technically high-quality emergency care, resulting in two fully child-friendly emergency care treatment rooms.

At the moment, the treatment rooms (see below) have a standard layout in which equipment (monitors, etc.), infusion materials and lancing carts are immediately visible upon entry. Parents and children see this immediately upon arrival and are therefore often tense and expect an injection or intervention.

A design based on (child) psychological insights can prevent this. Lighting can be adjusted on frequency and radiate tranquility. Cupboards with the necessary materials, for example for blood collection, can be sunk into the wall so that they disappear into the room and, for example, the lancing needle only appears after adequate preparation and just before the procedure, and if this does not cause a too long and too high increase of stress and anxiety symptoms. And the children can also choose their own theme for wall projection.

We would like to realize this as soon as possible and your participation in 'Run for Sophia' can contribute to this!